2023 General & Grassroots
Community Investment Statistics


16 Total Applications Received

8 General Applications Received
8 Grassroots Applications Received
Requested for 2023 Community Investments


13 Approved for Community Investment

$2,617,243 Approved for General Projects
$78,463.03 Approved for Grassroots Projects
Approved for 2023 Community Investment

2023 General & Grassroots
Community Investment Recipients – First Call

Organization: Two Row on the Grand
Project: Two Row on the Grand 2023
Project Summary: To assist with Cultural Teachings & Registration Fees for serving members
Approved Investment: $10,000.00

Organization: Seneca Longhouse
Project: Seneca Longhouse Dining Hall – Upgrade Electric Panel & Electric Heat
Project Summary: To upgrade an outdated electrical panel and installation of electric heaters in the dining hall
Approved Investment: $7,545.95

Organization: Friends of Stump Hall
Project: Stump Hall Cemetery Improvement – Expansion
Project Summary: To purchase ground penetrating radar equipment to locate unmarked graves so they can move ahead with their expansion plans.
Approved Investment: $15,000.00

Organization: Six Nations Public Works
Project: Watermain Extension
Project Summary: Watermain Extension – Cayuga Rd. between 3rd & 4th Line
Approved Investment: $1,600,000.00

Organization: Six Nations Language Commission
Project: Creating a Path to Language Vitality
Project Summary: To assist with their critical mass of bilingual speakers for the language programs they currently offer
Approved Investment: $360,000.00

2023 General & Grassroots
Community Investment Recipients – Second Call

Organization: Six Nations Housing
Project: Onondaga 2 Townhouse
Project Summary: To assist with the construction of the Onondaga 2 Townhouse.
Approved Investment: $432,934.00

Organization: Woodland Cultural Centre
Project: Our Journey Continues – Transportation Solutions for our Elders
Project Summary: To assist with buying golf carts to transport elders around the Woodland Cultural Centre grounds.
Approved Investment: $68,284.00

Organization: Six Nations Polytechnic
Project: Campus Improvements at Six Nations Polytechnic
Project Summary: Improvements to the gymnasium, security system, and cafeteria at their Brantford campus
Approved Investment: $96,525.00

Organization: Mohawk Village Memorial Park
Project: Ten Space Parking Lot in the Park
Project Summary: To build a ten-space parking lot in the park
Approved Investment: $59,500.00

Organization: Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge Holder, of Mohawk Seedkeeper Gardens
Project: Haudenosaunee Homesteading Collectives
Project Summary: Haudenosaunee Homesteading Collectives project is about revitalizing indigenous knowledge and taking real action to heal Mother Earth through various workshops.
Approved Investment: $10,917.08

Organization: Niizh Manidook Hide Camp
Project: Six Nations 2023 Niizh Manidook Hide Camp
Project Summary: Niizh Manidook Hide Camp will create safer spaces for 2SLGBTQIA+ Indigenous youth 16-29 to learn traditional hide tanning by offering a weeklong traditional hide tanning imemersion camp in Six Nations.
Approved Investment: $10,000.00

Organization: Haudenosaunee Grassroots Women
Project: Kononkwehon:we Tsi Nilotiriho:tens – Haudenosaunee Women’s Matter
Project Summary: Focusing on the empowerment of Haudenosaunee women and girls with the goal of reculturing and restablishing knowledge of historical roles & responsibilities.
Approved Investment: $15,000.00

Organization: Six Nations Skate Park
Project: Six Nations Skate Park – Upgrades
Project Summary: Skate park upgrades
Approved Investment: $10,000.00