2016 Community Investment Statistics


46 Total Applications Received

27 General Applications Received
19 Grassroots Applications Received
Requested for 2016 Community Investment


31 Total Applications Approved for Investment

$3,464,982 Approved for General Projects
$72, 275 Approved for Grassroots Projects
Approved for 2016 Community Investment
320+ Hours spent review, scoring and prioritizing applications by the Economic Development Trustees

2016 Community Investment Recipients

Organization: Brightening the Spirit- Breaking the Silence Suicide Awareness Committee
Project: Creating Pathways to Healing from Loss & Grief of Suicide
Project Summary: Creating Pathways to Healing from Loss & Grief of Suicide. Seeking funds to offer supportive Sharing-Talking Circles which includes 3 hands-on workshops.
Approved Investment: $2,900.00

Organization: Community Living Six Nations “Ronatahskats” Self-Advocates Committee
Project: Self-Advocates Awareness Committee
Project Summary: Self advocate group will bring awareness to the community & surrounding communities. They inform on the importance of inclusion, empowerment and how this enhances the lives of individuals & families. This project will help to create a sense of peace for adults with developmental disabilities and make it easier for them to be a part of their own community as full members with respect and choices.
Approved Investment: $640.00

Organization: Friends of Stump Hall
Project: Stump Hall Revitalization
Project Summary: Stump hall cemetery is open to all community members. Funding will assist with a new Stump Hall sign, as well as a cemetery mapping software. This software will help make comprehensive maps of the present grave sites and plan for future plots. Mapping tool will assist family with their genealogy requests.
Approved Investment: $6,485.92

Organization: Ganohkwasra Family Assault Support Services
Project: Shelter Van
Project Summary: Purchasing a van to transport clients which will help protect clients going to and from appointments, court, moving furniture to their new homes etc.
Approved Investment: $29,595.00

Organization: Grand River Pow Wow Committee
Project: Grand River “Champion of Champions” Pow Wow
Project Summary: Replacement of worn equipment. Purchase of tables and office equipment with their major purchase being an electrical supply trailer. This will house lights, electrical cords, tent/canopy for drum arbor, MC table and covered seating for handicapped and elders.
Approved Investment: $10,297.88

Organization: Iroquois Lodge
Project: Redevelopment of Iroquois Lodge
Project Summary: Their main focus has been the elders that require medical care and treatment or are at risk being at home. Completing a feasibility study to assess building and expansion needs.
Approved Investment: $130,300.00

Organization: Juddah’s Place
Project: Evaluation of Juddah’s Place: Reclaiming Our Health and Well Being: Phase 1- Development of an Indigenous Evaluation Framework
Project Summary: Project aims to evaluate the current health service and traditional healing models towards enhancing the approach to meet diverse health and healing needs. This evaluation information helps to build evidence regarding both the demand for service and it’s effectiveness.
Approved Investment: $11,000.00

Organization: Kawenni:io/Gaweni:yo Private School
Project: Strengthening our Language and Culture- Working Drawings for New School Construction
Project Summary: The school is now in the process of securing the required investment as their portion of equity and require additional support to assist with finalizing the working drawings for the building from First Nations Engineering Services Ltd.
Approved Investment: $240,000.00

Organization: Kayanase**
Project: Kayhonhakta Longhouse Project**
Project Summary: Construction of 17th style longhouse with a turtle garden featuring indigenous and medicine plants with an outdoor classroom.
Approved Investment: $103,231.92

Organization: Kayanase
Project: Chiefswood Roadside Elimination of Invasive Species- Phragmites and Wild Parsnip
Project Summary: The roadside elimination project will protect forest, wetland, waterways and wildlife as well as the communities health and safety. Information sessions needed to educate community on phragmites & wild parsnip.
Approved Investment: $2,404.46

Organization: Miles to Go Cancer Support Group
Project: Capacity Building Initiatives
Project Summary: Set up information booths at various community events throughout the year to educate about cancer & early detection. Provide emotional & financial support.
Approved Investment: $9,894.89

Organization: Mohawk Village Memorial Park**
Project: Mohawk Village Memorial Park**
Project Summary: Mohawk Village Memorial Park will commemorate the children who survived and those who died while attending the Mohawk Institute Residential School.
Approved Investment: $150,000.00

Organization: Rekindling our Fires
Project: Celebrations of Life Through Suicide Prevention
Project Summary: Grassroots group from Six Nations and surrounding areas who are dedicated to suicide prevention & life celebration. Group is geared toward the prevention of suicide & to bring more awareness. Group will be hosting Honoring Life Workshops and a Christmas dinner focusing on families learning new skills like sewing, lying corn, corn husk doll making.
Approved Investment: $10,100.00

Organization: Seneca Longhouse
Project: 2016 Gaiwiyoh at Six Nations
Project Summary: Gaiwiyoh is the recital of the Code of Handsome Lake. Seneca Longhouse is hosting the 4.5 day long recital. Funding needed for renovations for the recital.
Approved Investment: $3,479.02

Organization: Six Nations Child Care Services
Project: iPads
Project Summary: Ipads to be used by the RECE teachers. These ipads will have a program on them called “Hi Mama”. This program enables the parent of the child enrolled in the centre to see their child’s interaction during the day.
Approved Investment: $8,386.00

Organization: Six Nations Community Food Bank
Project: Food Bank Furniture and Equipment
Project Summary: Six Nations Foodbank is seeking to purchase furniture and equipment to better serve the community.
Approved Investment: $8,900.00

Organization: Six Nations Fire
Project: Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Project Summary: Current Self Contained Breathing Apparatus are outdated and not up to current fire code standards. To meet the minimum needs for firefighters to be able to breath in hot, smoke fire filled environments they require assistance to purchase & replace Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.
Approved Investment: $491,950.00

Organization: Six Nations Fire
Project: Ageing Fire Truck Replacement
Project Summary: Due to the growth of the community and larger infrastructures being built to serve commercial, industrial and educational facilities the fire trucks need to be replaced. The current fire trucks are coming to the end of their front line service life.
Approved Investment: $1,083,883.00

Organization: Six Nations Housing
Project: Feasibility Study- 4th Line 18-72 Concession 4
Project Summary: Six Nations Housing will complete a feasibility study of a proposed housing development. This study will greatly assist determination of lot servicing including potential “green” initiatives while identifying required retention of natural resources.
Approved Investment: $97,500.00

Organization: Six Nations Imagination Library
Project: Six Nations Imagination Library Phase 2
Project Summary: Imagination Library is an early childhood literacy program that provides children with a free age appropriate book once a month until their 5th birthday. They are a direct affiliate of the Dolly Parton Imagination Library and the Dollywood Foundation of Canada.
Approved Investment: $2,189.11

Organization: Six Nations of the Grand River Territory Ontario Works
Project: Six Nations Second Hand Shop and Training Facility Feasibility and Planning Study
Project Summary: Self supporting, sustainable Six Nations Second Hand Shop/Training centre and an implementation/operational plan and start-up costing.
Approved Investment: $20,000.00

Organization: Six Nations Ohero:kon Youth Rites of Passage
Project: Six Nations Ohero:kon Youth Rites of Passage Youth Cultural Programming Project
Project Summary: Develops youth health promotion & prevention programming based in Haudenosaunee knowledge of health, well-being & development. Group will provide space, support and access to cultural knowledge for youth in the community through camps and dance workshops.
Approved Investment: $4,450.00

Organization: Six Nations Pentecostal Church
Project: Six Nations Pentecostal Church Cemetery Restorations
Project Summary: Local Pentecostal Church group dating back to the 1950’s era. Provide spiritual help & guidance to all members of local community & neighbouring communities. Funding to assist with cemetery upgrades focusing on leveling of the grounds for safety purposes and fixing lopsided gravestones.
Approved Investment: $7,500.00

Organization: Six Nations Police
Project: Six Nations Police Operations and Technology Enhancement
Project Summary: Upgrading and purchasing of current equipment to better serve the Six Nations Community.
Approved Investment: $33,600.00

Organization: Six Nations Polytechnic
Project: Campus revitalization
Project Summary: Revitalization of its newly acquired Elgin St. campus in Brantford. Purchase furniture & equipment that will provide a more healthy learning environment & support student success.
Approved Investment: $110,000.00

Organization: Six Nations Pride
Project: Six Nations Pride Parade
Project Summary: Information rally & march. Event to honour all community members who have been bullied and shamed from their home territory because of their sexual orientation.
Approved Investment: $2,339.00

Organization: Six Nations Public Library
Project: Six Nations Public Library Technology Project
Project Summary: An overhaul of the technology program including computers, tablets, wi-fi, and servers. New program and services will grow from this new technology and an expanded service and opportunity for the community users will be available.
Approved Investment: $85,156.00

Organization: Six Nations Public Works
Project: Design of Phase 1 Watermain Extension
Project Summary: Design of the watermain extension throughout the community reaching to OBP, I L Thomas, O M Smith and installation of fire hydrants to improve fire protection.
Approved Investment: $639,490.00

Organization: SONICS-CKRZfm
Project: CKRZ Technology Expansion
Project Summary: Technology expansion required. This will allow CKRZ to act as a training site in partnership with high schools, post secondary institutes, GREAT, and for those interested in media, broadcasting and journalism.
Approved Investment: $210,585.75

Organization: Walking With Our Sisters – Six Nations
Project: Walking with our Sisters memorial exhibit for missing and murdered Indigenous women
Project Summary: WWOS’s Memorial Vamp Exhibit is a community initiative targeted at men and women, elders, children and two-spirited. This initiative will raise awareness and education on all types of violence.
Approved Investment: $1,000.00

Organization: Woodland Cultural Centre
Project: Saving the Evidence: Impact of the Traumas of the Mohawk Institute Residential School
Project Summary: Mohawk Institute Residential School project, is looking to develop curriculum units along with pre-visit & post-visit lesson plans for students, general public & residential school survivors. As well to provide traditional culture and language workshops for survivors.
Approved Investment: $20,000.00