Tools & Resources

The Economic Development Trust encourages all applicants to use the following Tools & Resources provided below as a guide to filling in their General & Grassroots Applications.

Sample Completed Grassroots Application

To assist you with filling in your application, be sure to review a sample of a completed General and Grassroots Application

About the Application: The Grassroots Application is for established volunteer groups of organizations that do not have regular employees. This application is designed for those who have a group or organization who work on a task or project without salary or wages, would not have a registered Board of Directors, and may not have audited financials to provide. Please note, these are pseudo applications, so these projects do not exist and were filled in for educational purposes only.

About the Application: The General Application is for organizations that have regular employees, a Board of Directors and audited financial statements. Attached is a sample of a completed application. Please note, these are pseudo applications, so these projects do not exist and were filled in for educational purposes only.


To learn more about the EDT, click on the video links below.

About the Video: The EDT Pre-screening process allows organizations to pre-submit their application for review by an EDT Administrator for feedback. Applicants are encouraged to submit or e-mail your completed application with all supporting documentation to [email protected] for pre-screening. Administration will review your application for completeness, let you know of errors, and provide feedback before the application deadline. Organizations than have a chance to re-submit their applications before the hard deadline. All incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

About the Video: The Second Call for Grassroots Applications began as a pilot project in 2019 and has since continued. The second call will give community groups that fall under the Grassroots category, an additional opportunity to apply, as they may not have their activities planned out a year in advance when our initial call for applications is released.

About the Video: The Economic Development Trust (EDT) offers two application streams, General and Grassroots. To learn more about these two streams check out the Application Streams Video.

About the video: The pre-screening process is a very important step for applicants. Applications will be reviewed for adherence to the guidelines and not reviewed for merit. An email will be sent to the applicant of any missing documentation and they will have up to the deadline to communicate with Administration. Any incomplete applications at the deadline will not be forwarded for review by the Trustees.